About Hans Herbal Health Care!

Unani Therapy is the science of keeping the mankind healthy, free of diseases and bestow the mankind with longevity. Unani Therapy known not only for curing the disease but also for complete eradication of the problem. In recent time, Unani Therapy proved its usefulness. Its natural treatment process has no side effects on any part of the body.

HANS HERBAL HEALTH CARE® LABORATORIES (Sambhal) humbly brings to you time tested Unani Treatment in the form of some specialized medicines. HANS HERBAL HEALTH CARE® LABORATORIES (Sambhal) is an extra ordinary organisation dedicated to the service of mankind for many years. The chemical treatments and process available today may have hazardous side effects. Every product of HANS HERBAL HEALTH CARE® LABORATORIES (Sambhal) is an outcome of years of research done by specialists. Usage of these product is in the prescribed from cures you completely and these products have no side effects on the human body. For 100% results of these treatment usage in the form prescribed by is highly. Our main concern is to promote Unani Pathy, and we use pure ingredients in essential quantities.

This is the only reason of the popularity of our medicines. Our motto is to serve the human beings, not to earn money. This booklet is an humble effort to bring to light some of the common problems, diseases and their treatments. The products of HANS HERBAL HEALTH CARE® LABORATORIES (Sambhal) will be proved very useful for you, your family and friends.